Theology for the Masses

November 16, 2006

The Heritage of Sin

Filed under: Calvinism,Nature of God,Origional Sin — Henry Imler @ 12:04 am

If I am to adopt a Calvinist line of thinking I must accept that I have something called original sin. This original sin taints our very souls from conception. We have some how inherited this sin from Adam. As being descendants of Adam, all humans are born with original sin.

My question is this, why was not Jesus tainted with this sin? Is not Jesus supposed to be fully human and fully God? If He is fully human, then He must be tainted with original sin. If He is tainted with original sin, He cannot be a perfect sacrifice. Since He is the perfect sacrifice one of the previous tenants must be incorrect. Since it is true that He is fully human, it must not be true that all humans have original sin.

To restate my issue, Adam did not have original sin and Jesus must not have had original sin. Adam, in his sin died spiritually. I know of now way that he could pass this sin along. Is there some genetic malfunction? If so, let’s isolate this physical defect and eliminate it from our gene pool. Is is learned? I would say yes, it is learned. I would go further and say that we have the same free will that Adam had, we are not tainted with original sin and that is why Jesus was able to resist sin throughout His whole life.

To sum up: there is no ontological difference between Adam and any other human being. The lack of sin in Jesus is further evidence that there is no such thing as original sin. In order to be logically consistent, one must reject the idea of original sin and replace it with an idea of free will that allows one to choose or not to choose God.


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