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November 16, 2006

Consequences of Sin

Filed under: Hypotheticals,Origional Sin — Henry Imler @ 12:07 am

Hank said in response to my post on the heratige of sin:

How is it that people, when sin is not imputed here are dying? If the result of sin is death, both spiritual and physical, how are people dying? Why do babies die? They cannot sin for they have no concept of right and wrong yet they die due to disease and other natural causes. There is something inside mankind that results in our death.

Hank, it seems like you are linking sin and death. I hope I am not mis-interpreting you here. It would seem that nessisarily one has to sin in order to die. Since there are those that have clearly not sinned, i.e. babies, there must be an inate sin that condems them to death. Otherwise babies would not die until they were old enough to sin.

I think I am getting you right. I would deny that each individual must be sinful in order to die. Once again, Jesus died and He was without sin. Lets take this a bit further, animals die. Do they sin too? Are animals in Hell too because of this sin and their apparent inability to have faith in Christ? Are baby animals inately sin-tained and that is why they too die? Of course not.

[Ok, begin hypothetical account that I ponder, but do not hold fastly to] Do we know for sure that no animals died before the fall? Would Adam and Eve lived forever if they had not sinned? I don’t think they would have. Making a hard statement either way (that Adam and Eve would live forever or would have died physically) would be reading something into scripture that is not there. Perhaps they would have gone the way of Enoch when the time came, I don’t know.

How would Adam and Eve have had a concept of death if they had not already experianced it in the animals? In reading Genesis 1-3 I don’t see anything that says, “and now animals could die.” Simply saying that creation was very good does not nessesitate that animals could not die. That is reading something into the text.

In sum, the fact that animals do not have sin and still die points to the fact that babies can be without sin and still die. I think that a better interpretation is the death that God talks about is a spiritual death. When people sin, they die spiritually. That is worse than actual death. Each verse that you list talking about death can be read as a spiritual death. I think, I could be absolutely wrong, though. I am sure that you all will be very willing to show me where I am wrong, a verse that says that sin resulted in physical death.

[/end hypothetical account]

This is mostly a hypotheitical account of death without sin, but even if this is to be rejected, Casey’s reasoning still holds, and I hold much, much firmer to it than to the above. The above is a maybe, not a has to. Casey said that Adam let death into the world and that death can and does affect everything. That is why animals can die without sin and babies die without sin.

Animals dying demonstrates that death can happen without sin being transfered onto the object.


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  1. This is a very good entry. Points well established. I like theology and this blog has caught my interest.


    Comment by James' — February 13, 2007 @ 6:45 pm | Reply

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